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MULTISERVICAR has the necessary
certifications that allow us to repair most European, American and Japanese, among
other car makes and models.
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Furthermore, the professionals who works at our facilities not only have a high degree of specialization and training in different parts of the automobile repair process, but also are certified by the Association of Automotive Technicians and Mechanics of Puerto Rico.

This organization aims to provide a highly competitive training to automotive technicians and mechanics in this sector. The College of Automotive Technicians and Mechanics of Puerto Rico  possess the ideal conditions to elevate the status of this profession to the level it deserves and, at the same time, to ensure an excellent service to the Puerto Rican society.

This center establishes different goals to achieve the quality that characterizes its training project. These includes a continuous educational plan to increase and improve the knowledge and the practical skills of the technicians.

The College of Automotive Technicians and Mechanics of Puerto Rico also takes into account important values, such as professional ethics and the preservation of the environmental through the observance of safe practices. These ideals are fully in line with those governing the MULTISERVICAR activity; that is why we fully trust this institution’s certifications, which are the basis development and technical excellence.


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