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Plastic repairs

Plastic is one of the core materials in the structure of a vehicle, when a vehicle is involved in an accident, the number of plastic parts damaged is generally significant.

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In MULTISERVICAR, due to the high quality level in our processes, along with our unique management system, plastic repairs are made with full warranty.
We specialize in all aspects of the repair process of every plastic parts. We also focus in adopting the appropriate working procedures and tools needed for each post.  Thus, we offer our customers the best solutions to fix any crack, hole or friction that occurs in any of the plastic parts of the car.

We are used to repair these pieces on a regular basis with excellent results. We offer our customers the best qualified and expert professionals to undertake such tasks.

In MULTISERVICAR we analyze the type of part, the extent of the damage, and the kind of material -among other things- in order to adopt the best solution.  The technical team proceeds to repair the part, whether it is a bumper, a dash, a front grills or any other piece of plastic.

Quality and security are guaranteed in the processes and results of the plastic parts repairs.  From the moment when a customer arrives at our facilities until he or she picks up their repaired vehicle, all that they will encounter are high levels of organization, professionalism and efficiency.

We have a firm commitment to protect the environment. We have designed storage areas for recycling all residues produced.

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