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Glass replacement

In MULTISERVICAR, we install windshields glass and tints to all vehicles, regardless of their shape.

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To ensure the best customer service, we always use similar parts to repair or replace the widshields of any make or car model. As in any other service, we apply our operational and technical capacity to complete the job as fast as possible

Our specialized team will analyze the damage to assess the necessity of repair or replacement of the windshield.  If the break is in the front glass – smaller than the size of a coin – and does not obstruct the driver’s view, as a general rule the glass can be repaired.

To avoid serious consequences from an impact on the windshield, we recommend you visit MULTISERVICAR as soon as possible.  In a few minutes, and at a competitive PRICE, we will return your car to its original condition.  Also, as a MAPFRE customer, the windshield repair coverage is included.

The proper glass installation is essential for the safety of the driver and passengers.   MULTISERVICAR is a trustworthy company specialized in windshield replacement, committed to meet the highest quality requirements.

We offer the highest innovation and technology on paint & body shop, protecting the environment.

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