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Auto body and paint repairs

Metal and paint repairs

Auto body and paint repairs stand out to be among the main services offered to our customers.  Due to our elevated quality standards we fully guarantee these repairs.

We do all auto body and paint work in detail to leave the vehicle in perfect condition.  We apply the highest technology, allowing us to streamline the repair processes and increase productivity.

Our facilities include ultramodern equipment that enable welding with maximum accuracy.   Because of the technology of these tools, human error is substantially reduced, resulting in a high quality product, completely safe for our customers.

The automobile manufacturers have recently included aluminum parts in their models in order to reduce their weight.  In MULTISERVICAR we have adapted to this trend and have some customized stations to repair aluminum parts.  Consequently, it is essential to have a repair area free of pollutants and to implement a different process to the one used to repair conventional auto body parts.

In MULTISERVICAR, painting is a critical step in the process of repairing a car.  All panels are suitably prepared for painting, following the manufacturer’s instructions.  We use the highest quality primers and sealers so that the paint and clear adhere flawlessly into the surface.

To achieve the highest quality standards in auto body and paint repairs we have the following equipment in our facilities:

  • John Bean computerized alignment machine
  • Welding equipment achieving 14,400 amperes - a power similar to that used by car manufacturers
  • Independent cabin for aluminum repair with the exclusive CAR-O-LINER chassis machine
  • Ten independent and fully equipped metal workspaces
  • Three paint cabins with gas burners and INVERTER technology, allowing high working capacity
  • Infrared equipment for first phase of paint drying
  • High quality paints to give a lifetime warranty
  • Last generation SATA guns

In addition to welding, hoops repairs, paint restorations or polishing, we offer quick auto body service, where we repair small bumps, damages and scratches on your car in a minimum period of time.

The personnel in MULTISERVICAR are licensed and highly qualified professionals in all aspects of the repair process.  The cleanliness and order in the operation provide a flawless service to customers who place their trust and their car in our hands.

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