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Frame Repair


We offer the most advanced chassis machie repair services

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We are aware of the appreciation our customers have for their vehicles as it represents a significant investment. Therefore, we offer the most advanced repair services by the
utilization of chassis machines.

Our techniques meet the most rigorous quality standards. We work on an operating system that allows us to efficiently manage the whole process of repairing a vehicle, from its arrival at the workshop to its delivery to the customer.

We use a method that employs ultrasound to evaluate the status of the crashed vehicle’s chassis.  When a car has been in an accident, it is very important to check the damage level experienced by the structure.  This technology detects even the smallest defective detail to correct it.

At MULTISERVICAR, the pioneer in auto body shops technology in Puerto Rico, we implement new productivity concepts to repair vehicles with high standards of quality and safety.  At our facilities we have the following equipment specialized in chassis repairs:

  • 6 Korek chassis machines
  • SHARK chassis measurement system by ultrasound

As additional services, customers may also have a towing service and courtesy transportation. MULTISERVICAR has established a series of partnerships with leading car rental companies so that our customers can stay “on wheels” all the time.

Our commitment is to provide the best service in an efficient way, guided by the highest standards of quality while respecting the environment.

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